To pool or not to pool?

When guests ask about our pool, I point them at the tree bark covered space where our pool table is standing. Generally they get very excited and have a great time shooting the balls. Occasionally someone frowns and expands the question with the word "swimming". I then explain them we try to be an eco-friendly hotel and that a swimming pool is a very unsustainable facility as it uses an enormous amount of fresh water that is often in shortage in the area. Apart from that, most swimming pools are purified with chemicals to keep it hygenic for people to swim in.

That said, who needs a swimming pool if just a short walk from our Hotel you will find the most beautiful natural swimming spot of the Dragon River. A quiet and stunning place where you can take a refreshing dip in the very clean and clear water. No boats or rafts pass here, so you can enjoy it very peacefully. Be amazed by the karst mountains surrounding you while you cool down after a sweaty summer day. Unbeatable!

Swimming spot HDR 01a 2400p.jpg

Swimming spot HDR 02 2400p.jpg

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