Birds around Yangshuo (2)

I noticed there is not much to find on the internet about birds you can see around Yangshuo (apart from Cormorants). It is actually a great area for birdwatching. I will post the ones I managed to make pictures of during my walks around the river valley and the pastures up on the karst hills. Not really great shots, but at least recognizable :-)

Here are three Yangshuo bird species you might see around the Yulong River Valley. Not as common as the Bulbuls, so a bit of luck is needed to spot these.

Long-tailed Shrike (Lanius Schach)

This cool looking bird with it's Zorro mask is good at immitating the sounds of other birds. Favouring dry open habitats you'll likely find it perched prominently atop a bush or on a wire.


Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla)

A nicely striped little bird that visits here in winter and likes an agricultural habitat, and that is exactly what the area around Yangshuo is.


Grey Bushchat (Saxicola Ferreus)

Although this seems to be a pretty common bird in south China, I've only seen this bird a few times around here.


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